In a significant and uplifting development for the thousands of daily wage employees of the Utility Stores Corporation (USC), a substantial increase in the minimum monthly wage has been approved. This decision by the USC’s board promises to improve the financial well-being of its employees and has generated positive reactions. This article delves into the details of this wage increase, its implications, and why it is a crucial step in supporting the livelihoods of USC workers.

Understanding the Utility Stores Corporation (USC)

The Utility Stores Corporation, commonly referred to as USC, plays a pivotal role in Pakistan’s retail sector. It operates a vast network of stores, providing essential commodities to the masses at subsidized rates. USC’s primary objective is to ensure that basic necessities are accessible and affordable for the general public.

The Need for an Increase in Minimum Monthly Wage

Daily wage employees are the backbone of USC. They work diligently to ensure the smooth functioning of these stores, but they often face financial challenges due to low wages. Recognizing the need for an increase in the minimum monthly wage, the USC board decided to address this issue.

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The Recent Wage Increase Proposal

The recent proposal to increase the minimum monthly wage for USC employees has been met with approval from the USC board. This decision is a positive step towards acknowledging the hard work and dedication of these employees.

Wage Increase Based on Educational Qualifications

The wage increase isn’t uniform but varies based on the employees’ educational qualifications. Employees with matric and under-matric qualifications will receive a wage increase of Rs. 266, while those with FA, FSC, DCOM, and driver’s qualifications will enjoy a Rs. 287 raise. USC’s employees holding BA, BSC, and MA degrees will see their daily wages increase by Rs. 308. Moreover, those with advanced degrees such as MBA, MPA, MCom, and MSc will benefit from a significant increase of Rs. 399. Employees with MPhil, MS, or equivalent qualifications have received the most substantial increase of Rs. 531.

Impact on Daily Wage Employees

The impact of this wage increase is significant, particularly for daily wage employees who often struggle to make ends meet. This boost in their income will help them provide a better quality of life for their families and meet their financial obligations with more ease.

Public Reaction and Employee Satisfaction

The public and USC employees alike have welcomed this decision with enthusiasm. The increase in the minimum monthly wage not only reflects the commitment of USC to its workforce but also resonates positively with the general public, who depend on USC stores for affordable essential goods.

Significance of this Decision

This wage increase decision is significant on multiple fronts. It demonstrates USC’s commitment to social responsibility and improving the living standards of its employees. Moreover, it sets an example for other organizations to follow in ensuring fair compensation for their workforce.

Challenges Faced by USC

While the wage increase is undoubtedly a positive development, it may bring some operational challenges to USC. The organization will need to manage its finances efficiently and ensure that this wage increase is sustainable in the long run.


In conclusion, the decision to increase the minimum monthly wage for USC employees is a positive step that will benefit thousands of daily wage workers. It not only addresses a pressing financial need but also reflects USC’s commitment to its workforce and social responsibility. This decision sets a precedent for other organizations to consider fair compensation for their employees.


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