There were 6,663 units delivered in March according to the latest sales data released by Zeekr Auto, which represents a 271% increase year-over-year. A lot of these orders were placed by Zeekr 009, which had an average order value of 527,000 CNY, and Zeekr 001, which had an average order value of 336,000 CNY.

We have been informed from the official that as of March, Zeekr Power has deployed 660+ self-built charging stations (excluding dedicated charging stations) across 119 cities across the country. The first station in Lishui, Zhejiang went online, realizing full coverage of self-built stations in prefecture-level cities in Zhejiang Province. At the same time, through access to the third-party charging network, it covers more than 470,000 charging guns in 341 cities across the country.

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ZEEKR Power home charging service has entered the families of car owners in 311 cities in 31 provinces across the country. Up to now, more than 45,000 home filling pile installation orders have been received, and more than 43,000 home charging piles have been successfully delivered.


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