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In response to the 3nm order sacrifice, Samsung responded: not consistent

As a response to the “3nm process technology manpower constraints” rumor that Samsung Electronics has stopped accepting orders for mature processes, Samsung Electronics official response today was that the news does not correspond with the facts and is misleading to the market.

The company has indicated that the mature process is a critical part of their foundry business, and the company plans on continuing to expand the application of the mature process. As part of its efforts to strengthen Samsung’s technological competitiveness, the company is steadily securing the manpower for advanced process nodes such as 3nm in an effort to strengthen Samsung’s technological competitiveness.

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Earlier this week, a Korean media report said that Samsung is facing challenges in manufacturing chips based on the 3nm process because there is a shortage of talent in the semiconductor industry. According to the report, Samsung has reassigned some of its fab employees from traditional processes to 3nm processes (or lower) and it is no longer accepting orders from IC design firms for chips based on 130nm and 65nm nodes, which were previously accepted.

As of the fourth quarter of 2022, Samsung Electronics semiconductor business had revenues of 20.07 trillion won (currently about 108.779 billion RMB) and operating profit of 270 billion won (currently about 1.463 billion RMB), a decline of 96.9 percent year-over-year.


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