Incompetence of K-Electric leads to two people losing there lives

It is no surprise that that infrastructure embedded inside of country, in most cases is below par and while we do not here many cases in which such incompetence leads to deaths of ordinary people, it is not something which should be ignored. Moreover, one such case has surfaced online which occurred in the city of Karachi, and the incident occurred at the Taj Banquet, a marriage hall where almost every couples get married and move in to the most important phase of there lives. Moreover, a man on the scene described to us the incident on video, telling us how the incompetence and lack of infrastructure from K-Electric has led to two deaths of two working class men who were just doing their respective jobs to earn a living to look after there families.

Furthermore, the man told us that one of the men was working outside the Taj Hall and he was on top of a ladder where he was setting up the lighting outside the hall. The man slipped and fell down on the road where there was some water, the thing whichtook his life was the fact that a wire which was going just 11 feet above the road was derailed and it went in to the water, the man immediately felt the current coursing through his body, we are talking about 11000 Volts of electricity people, beside him was another man working on the job and when he went to help the suffering man ,he was pulled in by the extremely dangerous current and he too embraced death on the spot. The current was so severe that it eventually lighted up a fire on the bodies of the two, the men suffered a very painful death, as there bodies were in ashes.

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Moreover, both men were working on the scene of the incident and the first man went by the name Zulfiqar who came to Karachi from the city of NosheroFeroz, Sindh and was only 22 years. The other person has bene identified as Khalil who came from Vehari, Multan. Khalil only had one child who was abnormal and a wife who has lost his husband. Moreover, the man in the video urged the families of both men to file and FIR and to in turn take it to court. There is a law which is known as the federal accidental law in which any man who has been proved to be dead due to incompetence from any business or governmental agency has to be pay the families of the deceased there Yearly incomes, until they have reached the retirement year which is 60 years in Pakistan.

Finally, we urge the family to fight for there rights as such a case should have consequences for those in charge, KElectric have failed to provide a suitable environment for the people of Karachi. The wires are very low and it is urged that they should bid up the poles to allow for safe travel of pedestrians in the city. This case should not be ignored and those who have caused such an incident should face justice.

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