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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is preparing to introduce application and processing administrative fees for the issuance and processing of Certificates of Compliance (CoC). Additionally, the PTA plans to revise the existing Type Approval fee structure to address regulatory overheads.

Presently, PTA does not charge any application or processing administrative fees for CoC issuance. However, the Authority has highlighted the need to implement these fees to cover various regulatory costs, such as human resource allocation, paperwork management, CoC dispatch, multi-entity correspondence, GSMA TAC database subscription fees, and the administrative expenses related to operating and maintaining the DIRBS platform.

In response to requests from Mobile Device Manufacturers (MDMs), communicated through the PMPMA’s letters dated April 22, 2024, PTA organized a consultation meeting on May 14, 2024. Following this session, updates were made to section 3 of the consultation paper.

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The primary cases managed by the Type Approval Directorate for CoC processing and issuance include:

  1. Commercial CoC for Type Approved SIM/IMEI-based devices imported in Completely Built Units (CBU) form by commercial importers.
  2. CoC for mobile phones in Semi-Knocked Down (SKD) or Completely Knocked Down (CKD) form imported by MDM Authorization holders for local manufacturing.
  3. CoC for finished mobile phones manufactured by MDMs.
  4. CoC for individual mobile phone registrations.
  5. CoC for non-SIM-based terminal/telecom equipment.

The proposed application processing administrative fees will apply to commercial CBUs, non-SIM-based terminal/telecom equipment, and commercial CoCs for MDM SKD/CKD parts applications submitted to PTA. For commercial CBU, a fixed fee of Rs. 5,000 will be charged, and for commercial non-SIM Terminal/Telecom equipment, the fee will be Rs. 2,500.

For MDM parts import, an application fee of Rs. 70,000 will be charged for every 1,000 devices. If the number of devices exceeds 1,000, an additional fee of Rs. 70,000 will be applied for each subsequent lot of 1,000 devices.

The fee structure for MDMs is based on the number of applications, with Rs. 70,000 per application for 1,000 units. If the units per application increase to 2,000, the fee will double, continuing in the same manner for each additional 1,000-unit slab. An earlier proposed fixed fee of Rs. 2,500 for MDM parts import has been removed.

The Authority charges a non-refundable application processing fee and a separate Type Approval certificate fee. The revised fee structure is as follows: the current processing fee of $100 will be increased to $200, and the Type Approval certificate fee will also be increased from $100 to $200. For Short Range Devices (SRD) and Terrestrial Internet of Things (IoT) Services, the combined Processing fee and Certificate Fee will be revised from $50+$50 to $100+$100.

Under regulations 23(h) and 23(l) of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (Functions & Powers) Regulations, 2006, the Authority has the power to levy and charge fees for Type Approval and any other authorization granted under the Act. These fees are intended to cover the administration of licenses, approval for service/system extensions, and other specified purposes.

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