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India Breaks World Record in Daily Coronavirus Fatalities

India recorded 4,529 Coronavirus deaths over the past 24 hours on Wednesday, the highest daily toll of any country since the pandemic began according to figures from the country’s Health Ministry and Johns Hopkins University.

The previous high for daily deaths was recorded on January. 2020 in the United States, when 4,400 people died.

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India is in the grips of a massive wave of coronavirus cases that has overwhelmed hospitals and led to fatal shortages of oxygen. The official data on covid-19 deaths understate the severity of the situation and the true figure is likely to be significantly higher.

After an exponential rise, the surge in India now appears to be moderating. The country has reported fewer than 300,000 new infections each day this week, still a huge number but lower than the record-shattering figure of more than 414,000 reported earlier this month. Deaths from covid-19 lag infections by several weeks.


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