The World Wrestling Body has urged all National Federations to cut ties with India. In a letter to the national wrestling federations, UWW wrote:

‘UWW recommends to all the affiliated and associated national wrestling federations to suspended their discussions or relations with the Indian wrestling federation.’

This has been one of the consequences of India trying to pollute sports with political turmoil. Following the Pulwama attack, India started a propaganda of completely isolating Pakistan and that included sports as well. However, they learnt their first lesson when they were stripped off the status of Olympic qualifying events in Delhi upon refusal of sending visas to Pakistani participants. India’s appeal to ban Pakistan from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was also rejected. Other International sports regulating bodies have then punished India for bringing politicizing sports. In the country’s attempt to isolate Pakistan as much as possible, India has made a fool of itself and really undermined its reputation as one of the emerging countries. This propaganda was subject to a lot of criticism in India as well, as the elections near and there seems to be an ulterior motive of the ruling party behind all these moves which are not even supported by the native people apart from some extremists.

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Regarding the UWW statement, the sporting federations in India are now coming back to their senses as WFI plans on seeking the government’s guarantee to not let politics jeopardize sports which has already resulted in the loss of hosting rights for major events including Olympics-related events.WFI President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh believes that the UWW’s directive can jeopardize the Junior Asian Championships scheduled in India in July 2019.


India might soon be able to realise that in its attempts to isolate Pakistan, it is India itself who’s facing the most damage and would rather continue to promote sports rather than involve politics in it hereafter. 

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