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India Watches More Pornographic Content than Pakistan

India most visited websites are a bit more “controversial” than Pakistan. While the two countries share the same names on the top 3 list, the web pages start to differ when you go down the catalog. These questionable names don’t exist even in Pakistan’s top 50.

According to Similarweb, a popular website activity tracker, India’s top 3 most visited pages include Google, Facebook, and YouTube, which is the same as Pakistan. But the fourth most visited website in India, in November 2022, was AajTak, one of the biggest news websites and media publishers in the region. In fact, it dropped one rank compared to October, meaning it used to be in the top 3.

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The fifth rank is currently held by Instagram in India, while Pakistan’s top fourth and fifth most-visited websites are WhatsApp and Twitter, respectively.

The rest of the websites in India’s top 10 are completely different from Pakistan. According to the report, Pakistanis like to visit Netflix, LinkedIn, and Fiverr more often, whereas Indians choose to go to Samsung and Cricbuzz, which is a website for sports news, while other names in the top 10 are more explicit.

We will let you see for yourself in the screenshot below.

Here are Pakistan’s top 10 most visited websites for comparison:


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