Indian-Pakistani lesbian couple get married

Indian-Pakistani lesbian couple get married
Indian-Pakistani lesbian couple get married

So in the wake of the rise of the LGBT community in most western countries, it seems that culture is rapidly growing with many feeling as they would be better off or more comfortable with someone of the same gender. All in love has its way and as per the western world there is no restriction to marry someone of the same gender but rather anyone who opposes the gender sentiment is considered as irrational or unmodest with many members of the LGBT fighting to make gay/lesbian marriages a norm for any couple of the same gender. Now in an interesting turn of events, it has been found that a LESBIAN couple from India and Pakistan have tied the knot leaving behind any religious or societal barriers.In the wedding photos which we got hold of, one woman is wearing a pretty rocking traditional bridal dress, while the other went for a groom’s outfit and in turn they showed the world of there interesting chemistry.

Moreover, the two brides, Bianca Maieli and Saima Ahmad tied the knot surrounded by family and friends earlier in the year and both of them went for there traditional heritages into their four-day wedding event set up by the two. Furthermore, Bianca is a Christian who has a Columbian-Indian background, and Saima is a Muslim who has  a Pakistani background and the two met for the first time in the year  2014 at a spoken word event which was called the ‘Coming Out Muslim’., As per the information provided to us, it is believed that the two women immediately crafted an unbreakable chemistry for one another, however, they admitted they dated for around a year before they realised that they both have long lasting intimate feelings for one another.

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Moreover, Saima had planned on popping the question, even asking her now-wife about the type of ring she would want but as fate would have it, Bianca in the end was the one who popped the question while the two were on trip in Columbia.The couple said they’ve faced “challenges” in their relationship, but says it was a “blessing” that the two ended up together.

Speaking to WeddingSutra, Bianca said: “But since we’ve been together those challenges have seemed less daunting when faced together.”Their Californian wedding, which took place in Bianca’s dad’s garden in front of 200 people, has been hailed as a symbol of love transcending boundaries and that no matter what love transcends in all religions, casts and in this case genders.


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