Indians Behind Peace Crisis Of Afghanistan

Indians Behind Peace Crisis Of Afghanistan _ Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Unfamiliar Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that India is assuming the job of a spoiler in the progressing Afghanistan harmony measure. 

“We have just passed on our interests to the Afghanistan government and the worldwide local area with proof,” the clergyman said while talking at a corner meeting in his body electorate on Sunday. 

Mr Qureshi guaranteed that after certain means taken by the PTI government with respect to Kashmir, the worldwide local area’s position on the Kashmir issue was evolving. 

“The world is currently acknowledging what we have been stating throughout the previous two years. The British parliamentarians have completely expressed that Kashmir is a contested issue of worldwide level. This is an empowering thing for Kashmiris as it will additionally uncover India,” the unfamiliar priest said. 

About homegrown legislative issues, Mr Qureshi said there were contrasts inside the Pakistan Democratic Movement over the long walk. 

“We know about the distinction of assessment in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz while the JUI-F is likewise isolated into two gatherings. Dissatisfaction is winning in the majority of the PDM, yet to rouse their laborers, they are holding public gatherings,” he said. 

The priest said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had just reported that there would be no alleviation for the bandits of public riches. 

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Mr Qureshi said he accepted that Seraiki territories ought to get acknowledgment as nobody could stifle the voices for a south Punjab region. 

“The individuals of Wasaib will get their privileges, regardless of if the PTI stays in force. The PTI puts stock in reinforcing of organization and for concrete regulatory construction and devolution of forces at grassroots level, we accept the foundation of south Punjab region is fundamental,” he said. 

Mr Qureshi said the past governments had neglected to set up a different area, yet in addition set up a different secretariat. 

“I have persuaded the leader for a different region and have established the framework stone of it by setting up an autonomous secretariat,” he said.


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