Infinix becomes first smartphone brand to have a manufacturing facility in Pakistan

Infinix Makes Headlines as the first Smartphone brand with Manufacturing Facility in Pakistan

Infinix is a well known brand in the industry of technology, the company is known for producing its latest and high-quality premium products and the company has a good influence in the smartphone market of Pakistan, being economical and effective option for the consumers of Pakistan. The company have growed stronger, and one of the primary reasons is the company’s continuous investment and contribution to the economic and labor empowerment inside the country. Now the company are proud to announce that they are the first smartphone brand who have started manufacturing devices in the country that is Pakistan.

The products made here will now have the embodied on them “Made in Pakistan”, the company keeps growing its investment to contribute in helping the country become a regional tech hub, and it just got one step further towards its mission and local commitment to put Pakistan on road to progress and economic stability.

Infinix becomes first smartphone brand to have a manufacturing facility in Pakistan
Infinix becomes first smartphone brand to have a manufacturing facility in Pakistan

In addition to things, the new manufacturing facility being located in Pakistan will also help in preventing the worry of Corona Virus and the inaccessibility of newest Infinix products and in addition to things, it also fulfills the aim of playing its role in creating jobs for the local labor force, especially the women as according to the latest stat, 60% of the workforce working in the Infinix Pakistan factory are women.

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While talking about the company’s overall mission, CEO of Infinix Pakistan Mr. Joe Hu said, “Infinix’s vision as a company seeking growth, is to enrich our customer’s experiences, be it by the means of there products, or what goes in their manufacturing. The company feels proud to be able to play a small part in empowering the labor force in Pakistan, and particularly the women of the country is an important step further towards our mission.”

As it stands, Infinix is currently the largest mobile phone production and assembly company in Pakistan. The existing factory is able to produce an astounding 3 million units per annum. All the local products selling in the country are being manufactured in the factories that are churning out smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Considering the current situation of the nation’s economy, such initiatives provide a good chance for Pakistan in achieving not only economic stability but in turn this also creates jobs for the unemployed which is definitely a step in the right direction.


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