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So what is Initiative Q?

It appears that their seems to be a new currency being introduced to world and well as of right now you can get it for free! Seems to good to be true right? Exactly what we think when we heard about the Initiative Q. You don’t hear about new currency being launched everyday. We know what you’re thinking, it isn’t a crypto currency. This is probably one of the reasons why this currency is gaining a lot of attention, all over the Internet. It is also why a lot of people have fallen victim to the latest social media scam.

So back to the question, what is Initiative Q? Well it seems to be a digital payment method which will be the next alternative to regular currency. Furthermore the tokens will be called Q with the creators of the product aiming to to maintain a value which makes it equal to the dollar. As of right now it has no value, you will use Q to make payments digitally, quite like the NFC payments. All you need to do is simply walk in to the shop, buy something and then scan a QR or RFID code to pay for it.

So in order for it to work the Initiative Q will be regulated by sn independent committee with members which will also include the financing professionals and people who were present in the early adoption. The transactions are to be authenticated by the “Q agents” who will in turn ensure that no fraud can ever take place.

How to get yourself Q

Right now the only way to get yourself Q is if you sign up using an invite sent to you from a member. Once you sign up via the said invite, you get fixed amount of Q. Moving on you get more snd more Q as you complete tasks. The initial sign up gains you a significantly higher amount of Q, which gradually decrease as more people sign up. Furthermore you get free Q if you invite friends, install the app and engage in tasks which help promote the discussed currency. Once the payment network is live and up to speed, you will actually be able to buy and sell Q for money.

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Is it a Scam?

Well, honestly it does sound like a scam, we mean all the hints are their, the biggest hint being that ‘your getting money for free, for actually not doing anything at all’ but then there’s the question if what if this actually very true! Then imagine getting $20000 in exchange for 20000Q if the currency does come to the level of a Dollar. Another hint to make it seem like a scam was that the website was very keen to point out that they do not have any relation to the crypt currency. Initial Coin Offerings and whatnot. But after a closer look some interesting details are seen, for example “some of the concepts behind crypto currency are valuable and may be deployed in Initiative Q’s backend, for settlement between Q agents” said the website. Also the Q will be at an initial supply of 2trillion Q. Many crypto currency’s are in limited supply, which helps with a supply of constant fluctuations in their value as people buy and sell.

Finally should someone buy this? Well right now we can’t be to confident about the said Initiative. It seems to be a fraud as much as it seems to be legitimate payment system. Moreover your not actually paying anything for the gain of such currency other than your name or e- mail and what’s the worse thatcan happen with that, since both your name and e-mail are practically already on the Internet. If it is legitimately correct, then congratulations, you get free money. Lets see how this carries on as with time we will be able to be more and more conclusive of our judgements!

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