Instagram goes full TikTok and Changes all Videos into Reels

Instagram goes full TikTok and Changes all Videos into Reels

TikTok is a blessing to the heart has transformed the landscape of social media in a significant way in the last few years, with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all offering their own take on the format of short videos.

Instagram will go further than ever before by changing all video content into reels which is Instagram’s version of a brief TikTok-style video. The change is applicable to all videos under 15 minutes in length and will be available “in the next few weeks.” The footage uploaded prior to the update will remain in the form of videos.

Instagram states that reels provide an “more engaging and enjoyable way to create and watch videos” in a statement.

The people who prefer the classic Instagram user experience rather than shorter reels might not like the new format, but Instagram has added several features that will make the transition easier.

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The first thing to note is that Instagram has updated its remix feature on reels. It gives prospective videographers the possibility to incorporate public images onto reels, select among a number of designs, and then add a response reel on the side of the original reel so that they play in a sequential fashion.

The company is also introducing templates that will automatically add videos and audio placeholders to provide inspiration This is a standard feature used by TikTok users.

In the final phase, Instagram is integrating a feature known as Dual that allows content creators to record using smartphones’ front and rear cameras simultaneously , creating unique perspectives.

Remix updates are in place, and more tools coming in the next few days or weeks.


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