Instagram seems to be inspired by OnlyFans

Instagram seems to be inspired by OnlyFans

Social media giant in Instagram is in the process of testing out a new business model in the US. The company has indeed proceeded on to start a new subscription based service which will allow its American based users to subscribe to a rather small number of creators and influencers on its platforms.

In a recent blog post, it was said that the Facebook owned brand has started testing out the new subscription model just earlier in the week. Moreover, new creators are also said to be included within the program over the course of the next couple of weeks. As the name suggests then, ‘fans’ will indeed be able to pay a monthly fee so as to access the subscriber only content making its way from influencers and creators. This also then ends up including Exclusive Lives and stories too. Back in November of last year also, there came about a report that actually talked about this new subscriber only feature and now it seems that the brand has in fact made it all official as well.

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Notably, these subscribers will be on the receiving end of a badge by their username which will end up indicating their status to the creator that they are indeed subscribed too. The price tiers will range from the likes of 0.99 USD per month to 99.99 USD per month, however, the creators themselves will have the power to select the price point of their subscriptions. Of course as we address the elephant in the room – the model has quite the resemblance to another website which goes by the name of OnlyFans. However, the one thing which will perhaps be the difference between Instagram and OnlyFans is the fact that Instagram will not be taking a cut from the subscription revenues gathered up from the creators.


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