Intel has conglomerated with Nokia and Ericsson to establish innovative testing initiatives to develop a 5G connection in US and Finland.

Chipmaking giant Intel and both Multi-national telecommunication companies- Nokia and Ericsson, will focus on the development of 5G connection with the co-ordination of 3GPP standards in the presence of surroundings for the network, cloud, and client.

All this investment of ideas and work by partnering with communication providers is helping to install and identify suitable options to form world’s first 5G connection as a commercial reality.

Preliminary steps involve the use of augmented reality and virtual reality to ensure the first responder drone surveillance in drastic environments which include step-by-step blueprints of the network, cloud and 5G connectivity requirements, including speed, security, analytics and everything which is user-friendly. Industrial partners include Honeywell and General Electric as further alliances for the adoption of 5G in the country.

Labs located in New Jersey in the US and Espoo in Finland will start testing LTE, 4.5ag, 4.5G Pro and 4.9G technologies.

Nokia will contribute in providing, radio access, mobile transport, and cloud platforms, while Intel will provide its 5G Mobile Trial Platform and proficient expertise in areas such as mmWave and NB-IoT.

The goal will move onto other areas such as independent driving, smart cities, healthcare, media and telecommunication as other partners join for additional progress.

Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Ericsson, Ulf Ewaldsson, said: “This collaboration brings together necessary competence from technology providers, industry partners, and academia to find sustainable solutions to digitize and transform other industries.”

Moreover, Ericsson established a partnership with AT&T and Qualcomm specifically focused on the thrusting progress towards 5G interoperability using the new 5G New Radio (NR) standard. A plethora of advancements is yet to come with this 5G innovation.


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