Chip giant Intel has made a massive restructure when it comes to its marketing campaign – which sees it target Apple ever since Apple decided to drop the semiconductor company’s chips in favor of its very own and self-made ones in the Apple M1. Over the course of the past year, Apple has gone on to announce new computers ranging from the likes of the iMac, to the likes of the Mac Mini as well as MacBooks which are of course powered by its Apple M1 chip and not Intel’s processors. The two companies have indeed conducted business together before, but now are set out to be rivals. Indeed with this set in stone, Intel has now released a new video convincing users to come aboard its chips – all in an attempt to showcase such users that grass is indeed greener on the other side.

In a video which happens to come with the title “Breaking the spell : social experiment,” Intel has actually showcased some Apple users being there at its office and it tries to find out what these particular users want from Apple devices, but can’t have. The responses, while many, mostly range from being able to customize the hardware to a touchscreen and to gaming.

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Intel then takes upon the opportunity to market its products from partner companies such as ASUS and Microsoft, however, at the same time, the company does well in not mentioning any names. It then takes all the users to a new room where they can see products that have all the aforementioned features that they actually want.

While it all seems as a decent enough try by Intel, it is highly unlikely to convince most Apple users to switch to Intel just because they are in need of features that their own devices happen to be missing out on.


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