Excise department has been reported to share the database with intelligence agencies. Data of all the cars have been shared with intelligence agencies. Reports also say that, in Pakistan,  the data was requested to deal with the looming threats presented by the terrorist elements.

Various security challenges have risen, with the ongoing war against terrorism. And this has consequent in various casualties through many tragic incidents.

The step of sharing vehicle data would help the intelligence agencies in identifying and accessing the bio data of a person only by entering the details of the number plate. The agencies can access the system of Excise Department, with this development.

Previously, the Excise Department launched an online portal, making it easy for the car owners to get their number plate information from the website.

Furthermore,  the provincial government has introduced  Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS) to assist the citizens in acquiring the number plate from the sale point of the vehicle.

The Punjab Government is also reported to be working towards creating an e-challan system and has thus deployed ANPR cameras in Lahore. But as the cameras failed in the identification of the number plates of the vehicles, the provincial government of Punjab will replace 4 million of them in Lahore. That is a great step of the government of Punjab that unveils the association of the govt with the safety of the citizens.

Safe Cities Authorities has also been reported to reveal the design of the new number plates but a final decision has not been revealed.

Terrorism is the main problem in Pakistan that have overpowered almost all the fields of life and is a hurdle in the way of innovation. If you have any idea in your mind to make Pakistan a terrorist free country,  please share your ideas in the comments below.  We will share your ideas with the authorities.


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