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interesting selfies taken in the space of astronauts

There is no doubt that today’s youngsters are obsessed with selfies and often take strange and interesting selfies – usually all these selfies are taken while standing at various tourist destinations on earth. But the selfies we are going to talk about today are taken from space and are very interesting. These selfies were taken by astronauts during various space missions.

Japanese astronaut AKIHIKO HOSHIDE took this selfie while on the International Space Station on September 5, 2012. ANNE MCCLAIN took this selfie from space at an altitude of 260 miles above ground level.

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Buzz Aldrin claims to have taken his first selfie in space while serving as a pilot at GEMINI XII MISSION in 1966.

NASA’s spacecraft to Mars took this selfie on May 12, 2019. This selfie was created by combining 57 individual images.

Astronaut MIKE FOSSUM took this selfie while walking in space – his space station and ground can be clearly seen in his helmet.

interesting selfies

Astronaut Charles Conrad took this selfie during the Apollo 12 mission in 1969, and his fellow astronaut ALAN BEAN is also seen in this photo.

interesting selfies

In 2013, astronaut Clayton C. Anderson shared this shadow selfie he took while on a space mission in 2007.

interesting selfies

Astronaut THOMAS MARSHBURN tweeted this selfie in 2013-

interesting selfies

Leading astronaut Neil Armstrong took this selfie during Apollo 11 mission in 1969 and is reflected in the helmet of another astronaut, EDWIN “BUZZ” ALDRIN.


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