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International Socca World Cup, an amazing opportunity for young Pakistani footballers

So it may surprise you if I were to say that Football is a very popular sport in the country of Pakistan and though it may seem the country lacks talent in this sport,it should be noted that this isn’t the case that one may think, rather Pakistan has a lot of talented footballers in the country who sadly do not have the chance to showcase there talents in front of the world due to the incompetent leaders in charge of this sport in the county. Current Pakistan is almost out of the international football map due to lack of opportunities being created by those in charge however the passion and enthusiasm of young footballers in the country still bring them with opportunities. International Socca World Cup, an amazing opportunity for young Pakistani footballers

Moreover, the upcoming Socca World Cup is one of the few events held annually where young footballers are given the chance to represent the green shirts that represent Pakistan.They are given the chance to show there passion and there dedication to the sport a wider scale.

According to a foreign coach in charge of the Pakistan team, Kevin Reeves: “You can’t overlook any player as they all are equally talented. It is overwhelming for me to see such an amazing response from the footballers here.” It should be noted that Kevin Reeves took trials in various cities of Pakistan which included, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, and Karachi to finalize Pakistan’s team for the upcoming mega event, which is scheduled to start from October 12 to 20 in Crete, Greece.

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Moreover, the coach allotted to Pakistan Team has over the years worked with very top quality and well known football clubs, including�Manchester United and Stoke City Football Club.In addition, Coach Reeves was happy to be here and expressed his desire to improve the standard of football in Pakistan and thanked the organizers who made it possible to conduct fresh trials in different cities of Pakistan. Coach added that “See, it depends on how you create opportunities for your players.There is immense talent but grooming them is a prime responsibility,”

The selected players from the camp shall be finalized for Pakistan team who will the attend a camp ahead of the extravaganza, preparing them to be competitive in the upcoming tournament. The coach further added that,

“We have found some quality players and now we are looking forward to polishing their skills and field them strongly in the event,” adding Pakistan has been placed in a tough group where the boys would have to play a quality game against teams like Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and Romania. Moreover, it is worth noting here that events of this scale shall provide exposure in the players who attend the event and they can then share their experience with other deserving players who would one day like to play for the national team. Zaman who played in a qualifier game for the World Cup 2002 and scored a hatrick stated that”At our time, there were very few opportunities like but I am happy to see the progress,”

It is worth mentioning here that Pakistan also participated in the inaugural edition of the Socca World Cup held last year and although we did not get far in the tournament, it’s a start which is welcomed by all.


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