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Intex launches 2 smartphone with interesting features

Intex Technologies, an Indian domestic smartphone maker has targeted millions of the Indian consumers to help them migrate from feature to smart phones.

The company launched 2  “Full View”9 aspect ratio phones on Tuesday. The duo comes at a starting price of Rs 4,649, not bigger than a feature phone’s.

INFIE 33, which is the 5.34-inch phone running Android N, has been priced at Rs 5,049 while its partner INFIE 3 is 4.95-inch model, which runs Android Oreo Go, and has been priced at Rs 4,649.

INFIE 33 and INFIE 3 both come with 4G-Volte support, supporting 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

The INFIE 33 model has been powered with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor while on the other side the INFIE 3 has a 1.1GHz quad core processor.

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The INFIE 33 features a 5MP rear camera and a 5MP front shooter, while the other variant has a 5MP primary camera alongside a 2MP selfie camera.

Intex Technologies Product Head Ishita Bansal while talking about the new phones, says, “The youth-centric ‘Full View’ series with features such as face unlock, bokeh effect in the camera and privacy-protection technologies offer the people an affordable option to buy smartphones,”.

Target audience of Intex Technologies is different from that of Chinese players and the company is currently focusing on those who are thinking of getting an upgrade from feature phones to smartphones.

The interesting features :

The interesting of the INFIE 3 model featuring a 2000mAh battery is a  “SPY Capture” to keep a check on any stranger trying to unlock the smart phone with a security pattern. After 3 failed attempts, the front camera secretly captures the image of the person trying to unlock without sending any notification.

The same way, the INFIE 33 smartphone, featuring a 3,000mAh battery, has a system to ensures that only users can view their private information.

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