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Introducing a Pakistani Smart Helmet – Helli

Introducing a Pakistani Smart Helmet – Helli

Due to lack of resources in Pakistan, the work on hardware technology is going at a fast pace. There is no lack of talent in the country but the lack of working environment, assets and resources is the main reason of this lagging behind. But there are a number of startups that are working to take the country ahead in the hardware technology field. One of them is the local hardware setup called “Let’s Innovate”. They are currently working on a smart helmet for motorcyclists called Helli.

 About the Helli

Helli is a smart helmet that will serve to protect the motorcyclist’s head from injury in case of an accident. It will also be used as a source of communication when needed. HELLI comes with built-in Bluetooth, heart-rate sensor, speaker, dash cam, as well as GPS. The helmet is weather resistant and has an aerodynamic design. It even comes with indicators on the back, which functions through a small device that can be clamped on your bike’s indicators.

Connection service

The helmet will keep the user connected with their smartphones. In this way receiving and dialing the phone call will become convenient. Also, the user can listen to the music, trace their previous location and also can check their heartbeat. The helmet has its own mobile app through which all these services can be availed.

In the case of an accident, the helmet will connect to the phone via Bluetooth and will call the emergency services in the area.

About the team

The team behind this smart helmet is comprised of a large number of veterans and entrepreneurs from the Pakistani industry. The CEO if the “Let’s Innovate”, Mr. Ali Syed has a vast experience of managing products involved in automation and robotics.

The team has also worked previously on different products successfully. After one of the co-founders of the startup met a tragic accident and almost lost his life, the team decided to make this smart helmet.

It will soon be available in the market.


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