With the matter of Pakistani pilots’ qualifications snowballing, the central government on Thursday said that an investigation into the issuance of ‘unlawful’ licenses gave to approximately 236 pilots somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2018 was in progress and that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) would finish the examination procedure of associated pilots and confirmation with the accreditations of other flying staff in a couple of days. 

At a joint public interview tended to by Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar and Information Minister Senator Shibli Faraz an affirmation was made that the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) government was focused on guaranteeing legitimacy and straightforwardness in every single national organization. 

The three authorities blamed the past governments for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party of crushing all state establishments, including the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). 

They said the national banner bearer — which had offered its types of assistance to numerous outside carriers before and was viewed as an esteemed aircraft from the 1960s to the 1980s — had been demolished by the political obstruction by the past governments. 

Malaysia looks for confirmation of Pakistani pilots’ qualifications 

The PIA, they stated, would be reestablished to its past wonder. 

Mr Zaidi said that in March a year ago the PTI government had presented another avionics strategy as its main concern was the security of travelers. 

He said after examinations, somewhere in the range of 54 pilots were grounded. The investigation into anomalies submitted in the flight division was in progress. The request would ideally be finished inside four months, he included. 

The clergyman said that after finishing of the request, the PIA would be cleansed of every sporadic acceptance and it would turn into a carrier watching high security norms. He said five senior officials of the CAA had been suspended. 

SAPM Shahzad Akbar said the CAA was working nonstop to finish the investigation of pilots, architects and others by Friday or Saturday. 

Instances of 28 pilots, having questionable flying licenses, had been alluded to the government bureau for their end, he stated, including that abnormalities submitted in state establishments in the past couldn’t be permitted to proceed. 

As to restriction on the PIA flight activity in Europe and the United Kingdom, Mr Akbar said the legislature would take up the issue with specialists worried to get the choice inspected. 

Alluding to previous leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, he said it was the irreconcilable circumstance for his situation as he held double situations simultaneously — the CEO of the province and the top of a private carrier. 

Mr Faraz said the PTI government under the authority of Prime Minister Imran Khan was focused on guaranteeing legitimacy and straightforwardness in all state organizations. 

He said the public interview was held to uncover subtleties of the decay of the national banner bearer. In a related turn of events, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) looked for confirmation of the licenses of Pakistani pilots working in that nation. 

Following exposure by government Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan that 150 pilots of the Pakistan International Airline had ‘questionable’ licenses, aeronautics specialists of various nations looked for confirmation of accreditations of Pakistani pilots and designers working there. 

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The CAAM said taking into account the ongoing updates on ‘questionable’ licenses of Pakistani pilots, it might want to assemble data about those pilots utilized by the administrator who got licenses from the Pakistan’s avionics authority. 

It looked for complete name of the pilot, visa number, Pakistani pilot permit number, CAAM approval number (if accessible) and Malaysia License change – PPL/CPL/ATPL Number. 

“Right now all administrators are required to briefly suspend their pilot who is given with Pakistan pilot permit from working trips until their licenses can be checked by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. When check has been done, the CAAM will advise administrators for their reestablishment quickly,” the letter messaged to the Pakistan flight authority said.

The CAAM sent the letter to Pakistani experts on Thursday and looked for confirmation of pilots’ certifications by July 3, 2020 at 1200 hours. 

They additionally stated: “If the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority couldn’t confirm their licenses, the CAAM will have no other alternative yet to repudiate their permit (Malaysian approval or permit change).” 

Prior, the United Arab Emirates’ General Civil Aviation had composed a letter to the chief general of Civil Aviation Authority Hassan Nasir Jamy and looked for check of qualifications of airplane support architects and flight activities officials who initially had permit given by the CAA. 

In the midst of the flying emergency in Pakistan, the PIA the board had chosen to ground 150 pilots in the wake of the flying pastor’s divulgence in the National Assembly a month ago that 150 pilots of the national banner bearer had “questionable licenses”. 

Then, a worldwide aircrafts’ appraising site — AirlineRating.com — has brought down the positioning of PIA to ‘one-star’ carrier as the issue pilots’ ‘questionable licenses’ keeps on frequenting the national banner transporter. 

The PIA has so far not remarked on the bringing down of its positioning by the site.


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