An examination report of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane that smashed close Havelian in 2016 has been introduced to Executive of Pakistan. 

In December 2016, the Doomed PK-661, on the way to Islamabad from Chitral, slammed close Havelian because of a specialized issue. Every one of the 47 individuals on board, including famous strict researcher Junaid Jamshed and Representative Chief (DC) Chitral Usama Warraich, grasped affliction in the mishap. 

Like each other accident in Pakistani history, an examination was requested into the mishap that was never intended to be discharged for general society. In any case, on the mandates of Executive Khan, the report of the Karachi plane accident followed by Havelian crash, and every one of the 50 accidents in the flying history of PIA will be made open. 

The report introduced to PM Khan distinguishes that the most critical piece of the plane was severed before it took, while the other was flawed. A metallic examination of the plane uncovered that its OSG pin was fitted mistakenly that had separated before the accident. The last support employment of the doomed stream was completed in Canada, where the OSG was adjusted as well as the part number was changed.

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At the point when the ATR airplane took off from Chitral for Islamabad, the Stage One edge (PT 1) of the motor’s capacity turbine was broken and separated, causing the force turbine shaft to pivot, while OSG pin was additionally broken.

The examination group presumes that the PT 1 sharp edge and the pin had broken when the plane was en route to Chitral from Peshawar before the mishap. It was, regardless, redirected for the following flight. 

As indicated by the report, the breaking down began at 4:05 pm, fundamentally because of fuel defilement in the motor oil which joined with the wrecked OSG pin PT 1 sharp edge diminished the speed of the propeller after which the propeller electronic control broke down. 

Five minutes into the procedure, the motor number one fizzled at 4:10 pm, and at 4:11 pm, the OSG quit working. Every one of these flaws together caused another sort of glitch that had never been seen in ATR planes. Before the skipper could make sense of anything, the plane slammed at 4:20 pm at Havelian. 

The report additionally distinguished that the adjustment in motor plan was the maker’s issue who proposed an amended structure, yet PIA the board was too languid to even consider getting it done in time. The Common Aeronautics Authority (CAA) additionally didn’t appropriately screen the procedure. 

The examination group has proposed that the national banner transporter should hold a review of the carrier and to carefully keep the guidelines with respect to airplanes’ upkeep and be extremely cautious later on to maintain a strategic distance from such setbacks.


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