In its endeavors to keep things unique in relation to other Smartphone OEMs, Apple never uncovers the specific determinations of the hardware utilized in its smartphones. Rather, Cupertino utilizes rates to clarify how quicker, better, and productive the new tech is, when contrasted with its predecessor. 
In any case, normally after the yearly iPhone delivery, AnTuTu and different benchmarks give us a smart thought of what equipment the iPhones have. 

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Late TENAA posting for the iPhone Pro Max uncovers that the smartphone is stacked with an unobtrusive 3,687 mAh battery, which is really 282 mAh not exactly a year ago’s iPhone 11 Pro Max that accompanied a 3,969mAh battery. 

Aside from this, the information base posting uncovers that the handset highlights 6 GB RAM. This data was additionally affirmed by means of AnTuTu. To the extent different gadgets in the arrangement are concerned, their battery limits, as recorded on Vodafone Netherlands, are as per the following: 

iPhone 12 Mini: 2227 mAh 

iPhone 12: 2775 mAh 

iPhone 12 Pro: 2775 mAh 

In the event that we contrast these with other lead smartphones, they are practically a large portion of the limit. However Apple guarantees 15 hours of playback for the iPhone12 Mini and 17 hours for the vanilla iPhone12. Notwithstanding, audits propose that the 12 and 12 Pro can’t keep going insofar as a year ago’s iPhone 11 Pro, so it’s as yet a downsize regardless of what Apple guarantees.


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