Apple’s up and coming flagship smartphone in the iPhone 12 might not end up being as the phone that we all have imagined as a new leak is now suggesting that the notch won’t actually be any smaller, and neither will there be a quad-camera array, while only the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 will be on the receiving end of a LiDAR sensor.

Popular YouTuber in EverythingApplePro proceeded on to tweet an image which actually was claimed to be a CAD render for the iPhone 12 – and shows that while in fact the big smartphone from Apple will indeed have flat edges similar to the iPhone 5, there is also the suggestion that it won’t have a lot of the features that have previously been suggested in some of the previous leaks. And so one would have to imagine that this will in fact be quite disappointing to many iPhone fans – especially those who were hopeful of a major upgrade over both the iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone 11 Pro.

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The CAD renders are seemingly those that case makers use to design their cases to be ready for the launch of the phone – in this case of course a September launch for the iPhone 12. And so, it goes without saying that these designs should only be taken with a pinch of salt – nonetheless though, they do actually give out a bit of an idea as to what the phone could end up looking with a redesigned body.

Regardless of all the latest speculation, what we’ve heard up till now is that the iPhone 12 will make its way with a new design, and will also arrive in three sizes for four models. Out of the wide range of options, it is only the iPhone 12 Pro models which are expected to feature with a 120Hz refresh-rate display.


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