iPhone 12 to see Lower Sales?

Apple iPhone 12 series

The Apple iPhone 12 series happens to be the American company’s designated 2020 flagship series and will also be the company’s first ever 5G enabled lineup. Now a new report has indicated  that the series will conjure up 68 million units with regards to shipments in the second half of this year – which will be lower than that of its predecessor.

Indeed with respect to a latest report, there is the suggestion that the next generation of iPhones will actually reach a total of 63 to 68 million units in total shipments in the second half of the year. This will represent a fall of five million units when compared with the previous generation’s iPhone 11 series that of course shipped last year. Such a report makes its way after projections were made that the production as well as the official launch of Apple’s new iPhone series will likely be delayed by four to six weeks.

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There still however remains some hope due especially when taking into consideration the US unemployment benefits as they might go on to affect the shipments by as much as ten million. Though taking into consideration WeChat – a Chinese multi purpose chatting app also being subject to ban from China’s App Store – the overall shipments for the iPhone products could fall by nearly ten percent in the year 2020. This of course is lower than the initial estimated shipment numbers that were taken to be in and around 190 million.

For now though, it is still to early to predict so as to how the new iPhone series will make their way into the market and perform. Indeed the American company is gearing up to launch its latest flagship series despite various production delays that have been encountered over the course of the past few weeks however, much to the hope of the tech giant, 5G enabled iPhones might just be something that most of us have been looking for.


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