Just a few days ago, tech giant Apple launched its iPhone 12 series. People have already started to pre-order some of the available models. However, there now seems to be a shortage of the iPhone 12 supply in its initial stages, and it seems as if the shipments coming in with regards to pre-orders might get affected.

A report coming in from DigiTimes claims that Taiwan’s telecom and channel operators will face a shortage of supply. They will face it more when actually delivering the outstanding orders with respect to the iPhone 12 from the 24th of this month. Market sources have reportedly gone on to claim that this particular deficit will continue however, is also likely to be solved in two weeks. Unfortunately though, the said telecom and channel operators have actually received less quota for this year’s iPhones. And if indeed the reports are true, then it is about 10-15% less than the quota for iPhone 11 in 2019.

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The reason for the delay that is represented when taking into consideration the consignments of course happens to be quite obvious. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the entire world’s economy and has also effected pretty much all of the industries globally : including the smartphone industry. In accordance with this then, the slack of newer iPhones is due to labor shortages. And in turn, affecting the ramp production as well as yield. Forecasts already predict that there will indeed be a decline in smartphone shipments this year albeit 5G is indeed trying to revive it. If we look from a rather similar perspective it seems as if Apple faced a sudden surge in demand with regards to its iPhone 12 series.

The pandemic of course has already gone on to trigger a supply disruption pretty much everywhere. Moreover, Apple could also have its very own distribution priority list.


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