As of now, while still being several months away from the launch of the next iPhone, the leaks have already started to come in – that too in a rather frequent fashion. Tentatively being called as the iPhone 13, the series is said to make way as being a rather big upgrade over in the display form – when taking into consideration the pro version. Amidst all this, MySmartPrice has come up with CAD 3D renders for the iPhone 13.

In accordance with what the reports go on and suggest, the iPhone 13 will make way and measure around 146.7×71.5×7.6mm. If this does indeed turn out to be true, then this would result in a slight change from the thickness which was seen with the iPhone 12 : as it stood out at 7.4mm. However, the design is said to be boxy and also quite similar to what was on offer with the predecessor.

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Moving on from this, the renders proceed on to show that the rear camera layout makes way with a slight change in the placement. The two rather big cut-outs as well as the ones which are a bit smaller, happen to be placed diagonally with one another. The bigger ones probably happen to be the camera lens while the latter is likely to be the LED flash along with a microphone.

Also, as far as the front of the device goes, we see that there are three cutouts present on the notch. Speaking of which – the notch actually seems to be smaller when compared to what was shown in terms of the previous leaks. This is down to the fact that the speaker unit happens to be moved above the cameras this time around. For now though, there isn’t very clear information with regards to the cutouts however it would in fact most likely be an IR camera, a dot projector and also a front-facing selfie camera.


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