iPhone 13 to have strong shipment numbers?

iPhone 13 3D renders

A rather popular analyst with respect to Apple has gone on to share a note with investors in which he has gone on to predict rather a strong iPhone 13 shipments which are skated to get released in September of this year. Apart from the new features that will make way, the primary reasoning given behind the increased sale numbers for the upcoming iPhone models is actually being attributed to the Huawei ban.

The analyst believes that the company will indeed have stronger sales for the iPhone not only in this year but the trend will also continue going into the next year as well. The analyst expects that the shipments will reach 230-240 million to 250-260 million units in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Last year, the shipments with respect to the brand’s iPhone had ended up reaching 195 million.

Huawei’s global smartphone market share has been subject to decline ever since the brand has been put on an entity list by the US, effectively banning the brand within the country. It has also made it rather difficult for the Chinese giant to do business in the smartphone and network equipment business. Indeed the company had a market share of 17 percent in Q1 2020 – which had dropped to just four prevent in Q1 2021.

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For the second half of 2021, the analyst has predicted that the iPhone will gain in the high-end market share due to “specifications upgrade” and the “US ban on Huawei.” Apple is indeed expected to announce four new iPhone models this year, all of which are expected to make way with a smaller notch, an upgraded camera, a 120Hz refresh rate and a new A15 processor.

The four models to make a way in the iPhone 13 lineup will be on record to the new strategy which was used by Apple just last for the sake of the iPhone 12 series.


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