iPhone 14: Apple could add these “unexpected” features to its 2022 lineup

iPhone 14: Apple could add these

Apple will unveil the latest generation of its products. iPhones A Far Out event is set for September 7. Rumours have been circulating for some time about new features to be added to the event. iPhone 14 14 Pro. These features are not all that new, but some have been repeatedly reported.

MacRumors reports that Apple may include these “wildcard” features in its upcoming iPhone 14 series. The details are below. The upcoming event will reveal whether these features are included in the smartphones. Apple will unveil its new iPhone 14 series in addition to the iPhone 14 series. Apple Watch Series 8. An updated Apple Watch SE Most likely, a new Apple Watch Pro.
Satellite internet connectivity for iPhone 14
Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on satellite connectivity to allow iPhone users to send text messages to report emergency situations in remote areas without cellular coverage. This advanced capability was rumoured to be coming with iPhone 13 earlier, but it wasn’t the case.

The report states that Apple, a Cupertino-based tech company, plans to announce satellite connectivity capabilities on the iPhone 14 at its launch event. It is also possible that Apple will partner with Globalstar For the feature in the upcoming iPhone series.

Vapour chamber thermal control in iPhone 14 Pro
This report also mentions Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, while covering Apple’s early development of its 14-inch and 16 inch displays. MacBook Pros According to Kuo, high-end iPhones could be equipped with a vapour chamber thermal management system for heat management in 2022. Kuo noted at the time that Apple was aggressively testing its technology for iPhones.

Some premium Android Phones starting at — Samsung Vapour chamber thermal management is already available in other companies. This allows these devices to remain cool even under high workloads.

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According to the report, Apple continues to improve the performance and speed of Phones by making them more powerful every year using the latest generation of its A series chip. The new A16 Bionic chip will power the pro models of the iPhone 14 series, while base models will keep the A15 Bionic chip.
More internal storage in Pro versions
Apple began offering 1TB internal storage on the iPhone 13 Pro. According to the report, Apple is expected to offer a 2TB option for iPhone 14 Pro customers. This will be the largest ever offered by an iPhone. According to the report, users can benefit from the additional storage if they take professional-quality videos with their iPhone.

WiFi 6E connectivity for iPhone 14
According to the report, all Apple devices are compatible with Wi-Fi 6, while Wi-Fi 6E supports the newest Apple devices. WiFi standard. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest standard. It offers higher speeds and greater capabilities to handle high-capacity workloads. Although Wi-Fi 6E was initially expected to be included in iPhone 13, it is possible that this will happen with the new iPhone 14.


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