iPhone 14 Series Arrives in Pakistan for nearly half One Million Rupees

iPhone 14 Series Arrives in Pakistan for nearly half One Million Rupees

The iPhone 14 series became official across the globe earlier this week. It includes iPhone 14, 14 Plus and 14 Pro , along with the 14 Pro Max. Apple has dropped the iPhone Mini to make way for iPhone 14 Plus. iPhone 14 Plus that is essentially a bigger model that has the largest battery of an iPhone to date.

The phones are now available to pre-order in Pakistan too and the prices are not as high as we expected. A basic iPhone 14 with 128GB storage is priced at price of Rs. 419,999. This is higher than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with a cost of. 370,000.

The rise in prices could be attributed to the increase of import taxes. This has have not just affected smartphones, but also laptops and graphics cards and various other devices as well. This is why iPhone 14 Plus is priced at Rs. iPhone 14 Plus has a starting price of Rs. 459,999, iPhone 14 Pro is at Rs. 489,999. And the Pro Max model will go for 529,999. 529,999.

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The most expensive phone available in Pakistan currently could be the one-TB iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is priced at a staggering 689,999 rupees. 689,999. It is possible to buy multiple new bikes for the cost, or even an entry-level vehicle!

As we mentioned before The phones aren’t available for pre-orders as of this moment, which means they are unlikely to arrive in October at most.

A Better Deal

If you’re looking to purchase an iPhone then the older version is a more affordable option at present considering that the 14 series doesn’t make any significant enhancements.

The 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max can be purchased at just Rs. 389,999, which is much less than the 128GB iPhone 14 at Rs. 420,000. In this way, you’ll get more storage than you do as well as all the benefits of an Pro Max variant including a larger display (with ProMotion as well) as well as a better battery and powerful cameras. If you’re looking to save more money, you can buy an 128GB iPhone 13 for “only” 299,999. 299,999.

If you’re not afraid of settling for older models the base iPhone 11 is available for around Rs. 184,999.

Each of these phones can be purchased by the Telemart.


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