The front and the back panel of the iPhone 8 have been reportedly been exposed, with the leak coming from someone belonging to the Apple supply chain. This reportedly confirms a lot of rumors which were previously circulating, with the likes of dual cameras on the back, alongside the obvious Apple logo. The more interesting news that comes with the leak is that there is no presence of the back touch ID sensor. This means that the Touch ID sensor will be integrated under the display, on the front.

The iPhone 8 will be having the iOS 11, and the display, if the leaks are anything to go by, is no less than amazing. The top, at the front, has an obvious front camera and a rumored facial scanner. An obvious edge that the iPhone 8 will have is the fact that the Galaxy Note 8 will not be having the fingerprint scanner under the display, due to technical issues, and the lack of time. Apple can obviously take advantage of this, and make a statement with the release of the iPhone 8.

The changes regarding the design will not be very different when compared with the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus, however, the changes that actually will be visible, and will take place are the changes in the latest processor, an updated camera, and other stuff like this.

If you’re wondering about the specs, as far as the latest specs go, there will be the presence of the Apple A11 chipset that will be responsible for ticking the boxes, with 3 gigs of RAM, fast charging an obvious inclusion, while wireless charging is also rumored to be present. Although the resolutions of the dual cameras are still relatively unknown, they will be an upgrade to those belonging to the previous iPhone.

The display will be a 5.8-inch display, having OLED technology, and it is said that the display on this particular iPhone will be the best any iPhone has ever had. The rumored price for the iPhone 8 is around a thousand dollars. Will it be worth it, and will the sales continue to be as massive as they have been over the past couple of years? We can only wait and see.


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