iPhone 8 can scan your face even if it’s not in your hands

Apple’s HomePod firmware is the reward that keeps on providing leaks, a previous leak from the HomePod firmware exposed that the iPhone 8 is going to add the element of facial recognition to unlock your device. Codenamed Pearl ID, the feature should swap the standard Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

iHelp BR observed that there’s an indication of a locating or a feature that lets you unlock your phone even if it is resting on a table, on a counter or on any flat surface. NetMag confirmed in the HomePod firmware and found the same reference as well.

There are also references of third-party apps using Pearl. It sounds like developers will be competent to offer facial unlocking for sensitive data. Developers can previously make use of the Touch ID sensor with latest iPhones.

When reports ongoing suggesting that Apple may drop Touch ID hold overall, people were doubtful at first. Facial recognition doesn’t look practical as you don’t covet to hold your phone in front of your face at any time you turn it on. There are some issues when your face is moderately blocked or in the dark.

It looks promising that Apple wants to formulate facial recognition extra suitable than a fingerprint sensor. To plot your face so that it works in the dark company is relying on infrared. Several leaks also propose that it must work if your face is at an odd angle. Today’s latest reference confirms that too.

People at first thought that Apple would put together the Touch ID sensor below the screen itself. But it looks like Apple can’t manufacture tens of millions of display with Touch ID sensor integration. The obvious alternative is Facial recognition. However, let’s see if Apple would be able to keep up with expectations as Touch ID works amazingly well on existing iPhones.



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