iPhone series sees strong sales – but has the mini disappointed Apple?

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Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 series launched was delayed, the 2020 lineup has indeed been met with a positive reception overall and has seen strong sales as well. However, the tech giant in Apple might actually be disappointed with the iPhone 12 mini sales.

In accordance with what a latest report has been suggestive of, the iPhone 12 family actually accounted for 76 percent of the new iPhone sales over the course of October thought November just after the launch. Out of the entire lineup, the 6.1-inch base iPhone 12 model has actually been successful in retaining the largest share of new iPhone sales in the US – being successful with a share of 27 percent. This was then closely followed by the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max – both of which have actually gone on to account for around 20 percent of the new iPhone sales in the US during the very same period.

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This figure happens to be higher than the iPhone 11 series over the course of its launch, which only proceeded on to account for about 69 percent of the new iPhone sales. In other words : the iPhone 12 series is in fact the most successful iPhone lineup in the US during the period of its launch. But despite this great market performance though, the Consumer intelligence research partners report has found out that the iPhone 12 mini model hasn’t exactly matched up Apple’s expectations.

Indeed as per what the report has gone on to suggest : the iPhone 12 mini has actually only accounted for six percent of the new iPhone sales in the period of October to November 2021. And as per analyst Mike Levin – the reasoning given behind this might actually have been the pricing of the older iPhone models with respect to the XR and the iPhone 11 – both of whom came in with more attractive prices.


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