What’s up with the iPhone XR supply?

What’s up with the iPhone XR supply?
What’s up with the iPhone XR supply?

Though Apple never went on to admit it, it’s actually clear that it’s latest phone, the iPhone XR is meant directly to compete against the vast Android market, since the device has cheaper materials, a colorful design, and there is some emphasis on core features, being in quite the contrast with the luxury phones that Apple launched besides the XR – those being the iPhone XS and the XS Max.

However, while the phone might have been introduced into the market to provide competition to the Android market, it doesn’t seem to be doing so – as a new report from Nikkei Asian Review states that the phone might not actually be selling as well as Apple might have initially hoped. In the recent turn of events that have followed, reports have surfaced that go on to suggest that Apple has instructed its suppliers to either reduce, or completely eliminate production expectations for the new device.

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This all may sound a bit too familiar to you, as well. And if that’s the case, then you have reason, too : just a few years ago, Apple launched the Apple iPhone 5C. The phone was launched five years ago, and the cheaper phone, having a plastic back didn’t at all sell well, especially when you take into consideration the expectations that Apple has when it introduces a new product right into the market. For that particular phone as well, Apple reduced the supply expectations, just a month after the phone was released.

However, to suggest that the XR will follow the same fate as the 5C would be a tad immature at this point, because it’s still too early to be suggesting such things. It is true though that the phone might follow the same pattern its compatriot did a few years ago, since it’s no doubt turning out to be a disappointment for Apple, especially when you consider the fact that the phone delivers almost the same speed as the iPhone XS, and has many similar features to the phone as well – and all this coming at a much lower price.


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