With the of the final unveil and the final launch of Apple’s brand new iPhone,it was anticipated that the latest flagship smartphones would be perfect in all aspects. However, a major phone launch would n’t really feel right without something troubling the users, would it? Because we’ve seen something like this along the lines previously, and now, it looks like history is repeating  itself; not that some problem definitely occurs with Apple flagship phones always per say, just something which we’ve seen happening in general.

Some device owners on Apple’s forums, Redd it, and even the unbox therapy, (amongst the wide range of complaints coming from other areas), we’ve seen reports which have the users of the new iPhones state that their units won’t charge properly through the lighting cable, until the screen wakes up, which has to be done by touching the phone. In certain and extreme cases, the phone won’t actually charge until you both wake the screen, and reconnect the cable. Now you might wonder what the problem is, and well, let me paint you a picture – imagine that you had plugged in at night, and were fully expecting your phone to be fully charged the following morning. Now with this problem in mind, would your phone really be fully charged the next morning? No.

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Many have asked Apple to comment on the issue at hand. For now though, it isn’t actually certain whether the problem is hardware related, or software related, although Apple has fixed charging issues in the past with the aid of software before, so that might give us an indication as to where the problem lies. Just recently, an Apple Watch bug was patched by the company, the problem being that the bug prevented the devices from charging. So it wouldn’t at all be surprising if there were to be an update in the near future, so that Apple does good with its customers – who have invested a massive amount of money.


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