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Is Apple Acquiring Manchester United?

It seems that everyone seems to be obsessed with soccer at the moment because the FIFA World Cup 2022 is currently underway in Qatar. The report stated that Apple and Tim Cook are considering the acquisition of Manchester United, one of the biggest and most prestigious sports clubs in the world, according to a UK newspaper.

The current owners of Manchester United, the Glazers, who are considered to be US billionaires, were rumored to be interested in $9.9 billion for the team, but have decided to sell the franchise to the highest bidder, according to a local British publication. Apple is considering offering $6.9 billion for Manchester United. A takeover by the Americans of the club was completed in 2005, and they have been the club’s owners for 17 years.

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As per the report, Apple is one of the companies that is interested in discussing the possibility of acquiring the team as part of a potential acquisition process. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is keen to explore the opportunities that owning Manchester United would present for the company in terms of its future growth.

This is why it makes sense for Apple to buy Manchester United in the near future

The Apple company has traditionally made money by providing us with attractive computer hardware that we all enjoy using. In the case of the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the white AirPods, we need to consider these things. As the pandemic has shown, however, the world is changing, and Apple has adapted it’s economic model to become less reliant on successful hardware launches as a result of the changing economy. This is achieved by investing in the development of products such as Apple Music and TV+, which produced $78 billion (£64 billion) in revenue in 2022, which represents around 20% of Apple’s total revenue for the same period.

In June, ratings firm Barb (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) reported that Apple TV services were already available in 1.57 million UK homes, showing the company already has a significant reach. However, it is important to note that you do not even need to own an Apple device in order to be able to watch these shows, as they are compatible with most smart televisions, gaming consoles, and media sticks.

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It has also signed a 10 year international agreement with the tech giant which will allow them to begin streaming Major League Soccer (MLS) games in February 2023, and they already show Major League Baseball (MLB) games on their platform. TV+ is also rumored to have reached an agreement for NFL Sunday Ticket matches to be shown on the service.

There has been a big move by the sports entertainment industry to enter the market

In order to disrupt industries, Apple does not hesitate to spend money, as the company states that it is eager to invest money in other firms it believes will be able to give it a competitive advantage in the long run.

To understand how its products interact with each other, you must consider how one product builds on the success of another. iTunes, for example, led to the iPod, which in turn led to the iPhone, and so on. As a result of Apple’s extensive investment in satellite services and a growing interest in sports programming for Apple TV, it is possible that Apple may wish to offer sports programming via TV+ in the future. If that is the case, then buying one of the world’s most popular football clubs would make plenty of sense, but it is a big ‘if’ since the entire argument is based on speculation. Apple would be able to establish itself as one of the leading players in the world’s most popular sport, as well as provide the platform and infrastructure for the creation of an international sports programming business.

It’s worth noting that neither Apple nor the owners of Manchester United have publicly commented on the news, which means that this could just be a rumor at this point.


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