Recent reports have suggested that Apple is looking to bundle its TWS AirPods in the Apple AirPods with the company’s upcoming and next year flagship devices in the iPhone 2020 models. Reports have also suggested that it isn’t just Apple that is looking to follow this suite, as both Samsung as well as Xiaomi is looking into the possibility of bundling their new models with TWS earbuds next year.

These reports for now are only based on rumors which don’t stem from reliable sources – so for now, take nothing seriously. In any case, it would be reasonable to be quite skeptical about such rumors, considering the price tag that AirPods bring along with them.

Since the AirPods cost more than just a couple of hundred dollars, it is quite hard to imagine a profit maximizing company such as Apple including such a costly accessory in the box of the upcoming iPhones just free of cost. And so, one would have to imagine that even if the company includes the AirPods within the box, the price of next year’s iPhones is only likely to skyrocket.

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If the AirPods weren’t exactly as popular as they are and they weren’t raking up the sales number too much, it would have been reasonable for Apple to include the product free of cost within the box. However, the immense amount of popularity that has been met with the accessory means that Apple is in no need to boost the sale numbers.

So far, Apple has only included the very basic wired earpods from the company itself – which feature with a lightning connector also present in the box. It is quite likely that the manufacturing cost of these earphones is very low, since Apple retails the product on its website for only $29.


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