Recently, there came about reports that tech giant Apple is in the process of delaying the launch of its first ever foldable device and that the delay will actually be until 2025. The speculation also ended up concluding then that the company is actually focusing towards a foldable MacBook. And now, the latest batch of information that has made its way has gone on to suggest that Apple might be looking towards the prospect of a foldable MacBook/iPad hybrid.

The news was shared then by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter. For those of you who are unaware, Apple is reportedly working on a 20 inch foldable device. Moreover, the new report has also gone on to conclude that Apple is also exploring a dual display format for the foldable MacBook/iPad hybrid. In other words then, this happens to be a new size for the company and hence could end up creating a new category altogether as far as Apple’s portfolio goes. But one would also then have to imagine that all in all, the actual product must be a long while away.

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It was further added that the company could also adopt the route of going with a 20-inch display attached to a physical keyboard then – or perhaps just one side of the display being there, which would actually serve as a virtual keyboard.

As things stand right now though, Apple could release this product by 2026, which would represent a time where the release of its first foldable would stand at too. Other notable projects that have also been since mentioned include the company’s AR glasses, mixed reality headset, and perhaps even its highly anticipated Apple car. And so, do stick around as more information is indeed on its way, as one would have to imagine.


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