We already pretty much know everything about Google upcoming Pixel 4 devices, and now, it seems like the company is working on yet another device. Rumors are now generating the Google is test-manufacturing a Pixel phone to feature with 5G capabilities and that this particular device will have the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor integrated within.

The rumors suggest that Google may actually end up announcing this particular 5G Pixel device at the upcoming Pixel 4 event which is set to take place next week. However, it has also been highlighted that the search giant might actually take up the option to launch its devices in spring – along with another budget Pixel device.

The budget Pixel devices, which were a feature of the company’s Pixel 3a series, in particular, gained quite some attention. They were launched in May, and with the anticipation for the next year’s mid-range devices on the rise, it could be all but possible that Google does end up revealing the budget phones along with a 5G enabled Pixel phone.

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Coming back to the subject though, while the speculation seems to be gaining pace, it would represent a major surprise if Google does actually end up unveiling a 5G Pixel device next week – and it isn’t hard to see exactly why. Everything about the Pixel 4 devices has been leaked in the past couple of months, and over the course of this time, we haven’t heard anything about a 5G enabled Pixel phone.

Regardless though, we hope that Google follows the trend of integrating a bigger battery within its 5G enabled phone : this representing a pattern much similar to what other manufacturers have done in releasing their 5G phones.

In any case, launching a 5G enabled Pixel would represent a major coup for Google, as the company would be part of the very first wave of manufacturers that offer next-gen connectivity. As of now in the US, only Samsung and LG are the two brands that readily offer a 5G compatible phone. With the demand for 5G phones already high and only looking to increase, Google is likely to fit well.


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