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Is Instagram copying BeReal App?

One of the most famous apps of the year BeReal is still trending on both social media platforms and online stores. Even though users of this app are enjoying the ability to post things at a particular time, tech experts are questioning whether this trend will fade away with time as this app’s users are used to doing it at a certain time.
It was the concept of being yourself that made people love BeReal instead of carefully sculpted posts that were airbrushed and filtered. With the help of this app, you can wave goodbye to being fake and begin to do magic with your own creative flair.

There is a five-minute time limit on the images or videos participants can send in Group Chats, which works in a similar way to a Roll Call in Group Chats.

It looks like all these aspects of BeReal are pretty good at first glance, but at the same time, one has to ask whether or not this company has something else to offer. The application of BeReal on Instagram was the first we came across, and I am sure there is much more to it that we will discover over time as we get to know it better.

In addition to the Candid offering, the app is working on something more along the lines of those elements that we have already heard about. One of the reverse engineering experts, Alessandro Paluzzi, shared an image on his social media account that revealed that the BeReal app has inspired Instagram to work on group chats in the same way that the BeReal app does. Moreover, he also focused on another interesting offering named Glimpse Stories. In the same way, it works by using the user’s front and back cameras in order to provide information about what’s going on at any time of the day, since it uses both cameras to provide information.

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Both of the above-mentioned Instagram features require users to participate in order to function properly. Those individuals that contribute to the offering are able to view the content that is submitted by users as well as the material provided by those individuals. It is still unknown if this trend will last for a long time, or if it will fade after some time and become a thing of the past?

There is no decision we can make on this yet, and the best thing we can do is answer it based on the users’ interest in it in the future. In less than a year, BeReal, which offers the same kind of products and services, has gained immense popularity.

Some tech critics, on the other hand, believe that its popularity will fade off with time and that it will become boring as time goes on.

The Interactions Page on Instagram has also been updated with an interesting feature that users will find interesting. Additionally, there are many new features that are on their way, which will make Instagram a much more interactive platform than it is currently.


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