He has been crying MG 3 since the launch in Pakistan, like the boy who cried wolf. It has been almost two years and eleven teasers since people have concluded that Afridi is “all talk but no walk.”

There was great excitement among the masses when MG 3’s first teaser was released on February 17, 2021. There has been an astounding difference between the feedback on the most recent teaser and the first.

The post has been flooded with comments from people who claim to be ready for the past 21 months. At this point, Afridi has been teasing the MG3 for several years without revealing the official launch date for the car, adding that these teasers are nothing more than publicity stunts.

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There are three principal reasons why they are frustrated with Afridi:

  • MG has its sights set on the premium vehicle market (MG 3 is not inexpensive) while the government is encouraging the sale and purchase of small and cheap vehicles in Pakistan.
  • According to Afridi, his claims are unsubstantiated. Over the past few years, he has teased a number of vehicles for Pakistan, most of which have never been delivered to the country.
  • While MG has been operating in Pakistan for almost two years, the company has yet to sell a single locally manufactured car. In addition to MG, Chery and Haval have already begun manufacturing locally in Pakistan.
  • Teaser Timeline
  • More information
  • In its category, the MG 3 competes against the Suzuki Swift, KIA Rio, and Toyota Vitz, amongst others. Two engine configurations are available worldwide for the MG 3. Among the engines, there are two naturally aspirated 1.5-liter four-cylinder engines (105 horsepower, 137 Nm torque) with 5-speed manual transmissions and a similar but differently tuned engine (109 hp, 150 Nm torque) with a 4-speed automatic gearbox.
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In addition to the eight-inch touchscreen infotainment screen, Apple Carplay, Sat-Nav, rear parking sensors, a reverse camera with dynamic guidelines, and multi-media controls on the steering wheel, the MG 3 comes standard with Apple Carplay, Sat-Nav, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, dust and pollen filtering air conditioning, a four-speaker premium sound system and USB/AUX interfaces, among other standard features.

  • Price
  • A local production version of the MG 3 is available in the United Kingdom. Although this is the case, it is available for a starting price of Rs. 3.4 million in Pakistani currency. The cost, however, is described by Afridi as being “less than two million rupees.”Afridi’s estimate appears more plausible based on the features and characteristics listed above
  • Launch
  • The sources informed NetMag that while they are aware of the MG 3’s potential
  • and popularity in Pakistan, they do not intend to launch the vehicle at this time.
  • The reasoning behind his statement was that MG’s hatchback is not available in many markets that have Right-Hand Drive (RHD). Due to this, the company is unable to meet its Pakistani demand as a result of a low manufacturing volume.
  • As part of his statement, he stated that the company intends to launch the MG 3 in Pakistan when it is economically feasible. Moreover, he stated that the company’s priority is to bring up-to-market crossovers as soon as possible. A low-cost vehicle division will be established once it is completed. In light of these comments, it appears that MG 3 will not be arriving any time soon.


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