Is Samsung planning a return for removable batteries?

Is Samsung planning a return for removable batteries?
Is Samsung planning a return for removable batteries?

Non-removable batteries continue to remain as a popular opinion. While in the past, pretty much all smartphones that were there came with the option of removable batteries that consumers could change at the end of the battery span, this is not the case now – especially for flagship smartphones. Indeed the trend that has been followed with regards to the abandonment of removable batteries now only seems to be growing.

Considering the fact though that the sheer convenience of pulling out your phone battery when you feel it’s not worth it anymore is now possibly attracting a smartphone manufacturer means that we could once again see the trend of  smartphones that have removable batteries – at least on the low-end models.

This manufacturer, reportedly, is Samsung. In accordance with a recent leak, it is being suggested that the Korean manufacturer is actually thinking of equipping a future entry-level device with a removable battery. It is believed that the smartphone in question could turn out to be the Samsung Galaxy A01e.

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While it may seem a thing of past, there was an element of continuity with regards to manufacturers releasing phones with a removable battery. Even when other OEMs had proceeded on to switch to non-removable cells, Samsung’s entry-level devices were still equipped with this particular feature. However, these entry level device obviously are quite old since the smartphone world evolves very quickly, but it is exciting nonetheless to see that there is in fact the possibility that we might soon see removable batteries becoming mainstream again.

Regardless, coming back to the model in question, it is said that the Galaxy A01e is a model in development and will feature with a 3000mAh battery, and either 16 or 32 gigs of internal memory. It is expected then that if this model does feature with a removable cell, it will go on to trigger a chain reaction amongst other smartphone manufacturers.


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