Is Siri listening to your private conversations?

Is Siri listening to your private conversations

Pretty much every single smartphone manufacturer these days offers its very own voice assistant. With the advancements in technology that have taken place, oftentimes companies do look towards the prospect of putting a smart device in the user’s pocket and home – while also at the same time raising questions about privacy. 

In line with all this, a lawsuit was recently subject to being filed against tech giant Apple which actually alleged that the company’s voice assistant going by the name of Siri has actually improperly recorded private conversations. Indeed in a ruling which was made in relation to this particular case, the judge ended up claiming that the company will have to face the lawsuit – this in accordance with what Reuters has suggested. 

Apple has of course requested to dismiss the lawsuit and the judge did end up actually dismissing one piece of the lawsuit which happened to have involved users’ economic harm. However, he did end up ruling also that the plaintiffs – who happen to be making and trying with respect to a class-action lawsuit, could in fact continue with the pursuance of claims in respect of violation of user privacy. 

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The judge also ended up claiming that the plaintiffs may end up pursuing claims that Apple actually violated the federal Wiretap Act and California privacy law and hence committed a breach of contract. However though, he ended up dismissing the claim which was surrounded by the unfair competition gig. The case nonetheless does of course claims that Siri proceeded on to turn on unprompted and recorded conversations that it shouldn’t have and then also took upon itself to pass the data along to third parties. 

As a matter of fact, one Siri user claimed that his private conversations with his doctor led to him receiving targeted ads for the treatment which was discussed.


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