Samsung first ever foldable phone has finally made its way into the market after it was set for an initial April launch – delayed due to some durability issues. And while Samsung has invested a substantial amount of time in making sure that the device is upto the standards – we’re still not sure that this is indeed the case.

Indeed CNET decided to take things to a whole different level in deciding on whether or not the Galaxy Fold is meets the standards that one would imagine from a company such as Samsung. CNET decided upon borrowing a testing robot from warranty company Square Trade – with the robot having the capabilities to automatically fold and unfold the Samsung device.

The outlet then proceeded on to post a live stream of the test – as the robot went on to fold the Korean manufacturer’s device roughly three times in a second. Unfortunately enough for Samsung, we still have serious doubts over the durability of the device – as after 119,380 folds and around 3 hours and 28 minutes, the device lost its snap and half of the screen then went dead. With 120,168 folds, the hinge of the device got stuck, as it refused to open without a bit of elbow grease.


The amount of folds achieved by the robot were 80,000 short of Samsung’s very own internal testing – as the Korean manufacturer has claimed that its device is designed for 200,000 folds. The Korean manufacturer stated that 200,000 folds equal five years of use of the device is folded 100 times a day. However, contrary to Samsung’s comments – if the device actually lasts for 120,168 folds, then that is equivalent to just around three years of use if folded 100 times a day.

A point to be noted here though is that the test which was carried out by the robot is not necessarily comparable to a human opening and closing the device. The reason for this being the fact that the robot uses more force when compared to a human – and the repetitive nature of the test isn’t at all a representative of a human using the device either.

On the other hand, Samsung’s own testing video actually shows more practicality – as we see a more deliberate and measured pace. Then again, Samsung’s testing video showed the original Galaxy Fold – and we’ve come to know all the defects that are brought along with that device.

Exactly how durable the device is still up for debate – but we will come know more sooner rather than later!


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