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Islamabad Airport clears 800 kg of banned pork

At the Islamabad Airport, it is alleged that Pakistan Customs staff cleared pork weighing more than 800 kilograms that had been imported from Malaysia.

According to sources, five foreign nationals came to Islamabad airport on Wednesday night during an Air Blue flight carrying eight hundred kilograms of pork and were cleared despite the fact that they were carrying some type of prohibited substance.

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Several sources told the news outlet that customs personnel checked some of the luggage but did not check the cartons that contained pork. It has been reported that the top officials of Customs had prior knowledge about the passengers carrying pork, according to sources.

According to sources, Customs staff reportedly had wasted pork that had been recovered from the same passenger a few months ago. After the foreign passenger left the country, he and other officials were subjected to derogatory remarks.

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According to sources, the incident is being investigated by the department at the moment.

According to the Import Policy Order 2002 which is part of the federal government’s Import Policy, there is no ban on the import of pork. However, with the alleged connivance of officials at the Karachi and Islamabad airports, the prohibited item is being imported.

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