The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has opted to halt the implementation of the notification that aimed to reduce the prices of naan and roti in the federal capital.

IHC Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri presided over the plea submitted by the president of the Naanbai Welfare Association. The association contended that the decision made by the controller general to slash the price of roti from Rs. 25 to Rs. 16 and naan from Rs. 30 to Rs. 20 lacked consultation with their organization.

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According to the association, the decision was unilateral and the revised prices were deemed unreasonably low. They emphasized that the authorities did not seek their input before finalizing the new rates.

The representative from the district administration informed the court that the controller of general prices and suppliers had been given the mandate to regulate the prices of essential commodities, including naan and roti, following an amendment in the relevant law.

Barrister Umar Aijaz Gilani, representing the Naanbai association, argued that the notification did not comply with Section 3. Gilani further highlighted the significantly high rent and flour prices prevailing in Islamabad. The court queried whether the association was consulted regarding the flour prices before the reduction was decided.

Subsequently, the court has suspended the notification pertaining to the reduction of naan and roti prices in Islamabad until May 6, awaiting a comprehensive response in the case.


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