The Italian government has resumed sea­sonal and non-occasional work visas for Pakistani nationals under its yearly timetable of work visa called ‘Decreto Flussi’ for the year 2020-21. 

More than 30,000 work visas would be given by the Italian government to the nationals from a couple non-EU nations, including Pakis­tan. Pakis­tani laborers in agribusiness, the travel industry, development and cargo sending areas can benefit this chance, as per subtleties communicated by the Pakistan Embassy in Italy to the Board of Investment on Thursday. 

Pakistan has been remembered for this classification of visas after the slack of two years because of supported endeavors by its government office in Rome. 

Minister Jauhar Saleem said on the event that Italy has the biggest Pakistani diaspora in the European Union after Brexit, which has sent over $142 million in settlements in 2019-2020. 

He said that the Pakistani people group in Italy had been requesting Pakistan’s re-incorporation in the rundown of nations qualified for part time work visa, since the time the office was pulled back two years prior. The interest for Pakistani specialists in the Italian market is on the ascent reliably, particularly in the agrarian area, Ambassador Saleem said. 

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It is normal that under the current plan, several Pakistani laborers would acquire beneficial work in Italy. 

Prior, the Pakistan Embassy likewise encouraged large number of undocumented Pakistani specialists in Italy to look for lawful status through a plan dispatched by the Italian government in June 2020 to regularize the undocumented unfamiliar laborers. 

More than 18,000 Pakistanis app­lied for regularization under that plot. Regardless of the second influx of Covid-19, which has seen a record number of new cases lately, the Pakistan Embassy has kept its consular area, both in Rome and Milan, completely practical to encourage the network in profiting by the developing openings for work in Italy.


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