There were rumors suggesting that a new Apple TV might be arriving this fall, and these rumors now seem to have found the pace. A simple receipt has given us the great amount of detail as to what to expect from Apple, as the company goes through its preparations. I mean, it’s simple enough really; why would Apple produce something that can play 4K HDR content, when there is nothing present in 4K HDR in the company’s library?

Well, Tomas Jackson handed down a receipt for a recent iTunes cart of movies. It is true that while the two movies, “The Finest Hours” and “Saving Private Ryan” were both listed as ‘Film (HD),’ “Passengers” got the clarification of Movie (4K, HDR).’ Unfortunately for him and perhaps many of us, Thomas Jackson was only handed the option to download the file which presented itself in HD.

It seems highly unlikely that software which is currently present will be able to get current Apple TV models to stream HDR content, so any thinking for a 4K resolution through HDMI 1.4 is clearly out of the picture.

In other news, not only Google Play, but also Netflix has started to begin supporting their new content specs in their respective libraries.


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