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Jamrud- The Town Of Caves

Jamrud – a town in the Khyber region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and a passage to Khyber Pass – is home to many caves where a few hundred families live in desperate conditions. 

Comparative caves are situated in numerous precipitous territories of Tirah and Rajgal valleys of KP, protecting in excess of 12,000 destitute families in general, living under extreme neediness. 

In any case, they weren’t brought into the world poor. They had homes, occupations, and motivation to live. 

At that point, the valley turned into an aggressor’s harbor, trailed by an outrageous military activity to flush out the counter state components. 

The annihilation caused during these tasks that proceeded for quite a while left a few thousand families without covers. 

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For some explanation, these families were never perceived as inside dislodged people (IDPs) and were thusly kept separate from government help programs. 

Family Life in Caves 

A YouTube video caught the everyday routine of a Koki Khel family experiencing in the caves. Shehzad and his family have been living there for the most recent decade. They have built up a simple living arrangement for themselves inside a cavern of Warmando Mela. The ten-part family gets by on a day by day pay of Rs. 500, which Shehzad acquires through work. 

He and his better half moved there a year into their marriage because of the breaking down security circumstance. All his eight youngsters were conceived in a similar cavern. 

My better half brought forth our kids inside the very cavern. That as well, with no admittance to fundamental wellbeing offices. 

Shehzad clarifies that this has become a standard among families there. All ladies convey their youngsters inside the caves and possibly visit the close by clinic on the off chance that they build up any inconveniences during pregnancies. 

Shehzad’s family and a great many others like him in the caves of Warmando Maila, Toda Maila, Ali Masjid, Ghalo Mela, Chappar, Sur Kamar, and Koper Tangi in Jamrud are yet to get the administration’s associate. In any case, it appears to be that their sufferings won’t end soon, as Rajgal is yet to be proclaimed safe.


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